Welcome to Seaking Serenity!

The Reason Behind “Seaking Serenity”

As we all know, it’s truly spelt “seeking”, but I decided to put my own twist to it. I am on a personal journey to find peace, calmness, and serenity within myself. I am a traveller at heart, and most places I wish to travel, I must cross the sea (or ocean), hence the spelling of “seaking”.

About the Blogger

You probably want to hear a little blurb about the person sitting behind the screen (Cait) publishing their story, so here it is.

I am an eighteen year old in my first year in college, here in Canada. I am a Pre-Health student who is hoping to pursue a career in nursing.

I am very passionate about school, learning, photography, travel, and much more.

I am hoping to share my stories, experiences, college tips and advice, etc… in order help and inspire young students and folks like myself.

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